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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's All About ATTITUDE!!!

I have been tagged! :o)
My friend Paola AKA The Temptress presented me with a blog *ATTITUDE* award...eheheh

I'd like to recognize other blogger friends of mine with some 'Attitude' of their own...may that
be funny, caring,cheery, aggressive,spunky, all of the above, etc...make it anything your heart desires...
Ultimatly we ALL have a very creative attitude toward this wonderful 'paper hobby' of ours :o)
My 5 choices for this AWARD are the following wonderful gals :




Joan "


I am sorry but for some reason it would not let me link the blogs so copy and paste them and go check them out.

Part of the fun is that each recipient MUST share 3 unknown (or little known) facts about herself.

Here are mine:
1. I make alot of cards yet I forget to mail them on others bd. LOL

2. I buy way to much scraping and card making stuff and then forget about it.

3. I am always fundraising, If it is not for my own cause it is for a cause in my area or helping others raise money for their course. I guess sometimes people see me and run so they can keep their money.

Oh and a little something else I have great stuff for my blog just never find the time to post it.
So now you know