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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's All About ATTITUDE!!!

I have been tagged! :o)
My friend Paola AKA The Temptress presented me with a blog *ATTITUDE* award...eheheh

I'd like to recognize other blogger friends of mine with some 'Attitude' of their own...may that
be funny, caring,cheery, aggressive,spunky, all of the above, etc...make it anything your heart desires...
Ultimatly we ALL have a very creative attitude toward this wonderful 'paper hobby' of ours :o)
My 5 choices for this AWARD are the following wonderful gals :




Joan "


I am sorry but for some reason it would not let me link the blogs so copy and paste them and go check them out.

Part of the fun is that each recipient MUST share 3 unknown (or little known) facts about herself.

Here are mine:
1. I make alot of cards yet I forget to mail them on others bd. LOL

2. I buy way to much scraping and card making stuff and then forget about it.

3. I am always fundraising, If it is not for my own cause it is for a cause in my area or helping others raise money for their course. I guess sometimes people see me and run so they can keep their money.

Oh and a little something else I have great stuff for my blog just never find the time to post it.
So now you know


Monday, September 13, 2010

Bike Raffle

Bike Raffle is over the winner is Carla Soto of Stockertown PA. We raised 14,000 after paying for the bike not bad for a great cause.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It is my belief that when someone does something nice for you, then you should scream it from the rafters. scrappy_carla From SCS who I don't know posted that if anyone needed images to join Sama's swap she would be willing to send some. Well I said I didn't have any and wanted to join. I came home from taking care of my krista to a package from Carla. I just opened it, and it was filled with images and more images. She has gifted me images to make 20-30 cards. I want to take this moment to thank her. She went way beyond the 8 images we usally expect to get to make a swap. Thank you so much Carla it means more then you know. It was a lovely gift at a stressful time in my life. The pic is of Carla's Pug How cute.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Friend touches me to tears.

Today I got the mail and got some cards back from Paola's swap. When I opened it there was a 2010 Bald and Beautiful calendar. It is beautiful with everyone's heads painted and a bio on each person. It is the cancer calendar. I am so touch by this gift from my friend. That looking at it just brought me to tears. Thank you my friend. Love you. You are a wonderful and special person.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Tee Shirts

Our tee shirts were created by the very talented Megan Cuscani Harris.She has been working on the logo with us. She created many beautiful logos for our shirts. This is the one the team has picked. She was great with us as there was a great deal of input from our team. Megan is a mother of 2 a women who speaks her mind and we are a lot alike. She is a freelance Graphic Designer. Team Rack Pack! Thanks Megan for this wonderful gift. Our tee shirts will be up for sale in about to weeks they will be limited so if you want one let us know. They are on sale for a 25.00 donation.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Raffle Ticket Sale Online

The Sherman Theater has them for sale on line. Yes it is for the Bike raffle. Click on link to buy your 20.00 raffle to ride. Dyna Fat Bob

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Created By Jeanette AKA Forest Ranger.

This image is my squigglefly's new Inside out sets. It's called Thank You For Your Support. The flowers in card are sublte. They are found on the designer paper that she used to paper piece the image and also for one of the layers of the background.
While she didn't go with the traditional pink color, I think the Thanks for All the Support image set would be perfect for breast cancer types of cards. Jeanette is using this image set to make some cards to send for my fundraising efforts.
Thanks Jeanette the card is beautiful. Thanks for supporting my fundraising efforts.
Check out Jeanette's fun blog Creative Play: It's Cheaper than Therapy

I would like to thank Lori/mybugandi45 from SCS for donating clear envies for the donations cards. She was so kind to donate cards for the cause and then a pack of envies.

Purchase A Pink Ribbon Bandanna for the cause

I have these great bandannas they are 5.00 and about 1.25 to ship. If you are in my swaps I can mail it back with your swap. Consider purchasing one to support the cause. Thank you.