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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Well I am already in bed. My sister is in the kitchen Cooking. I hope that everyone enjoys there day with family and friends. We all have so much to be thankful for. I know that it has been a difficult year for many of us. But as we give thanks think of the things we have. Lets not dwell on the things we need or have gone through. Lets be thankful for all the wonderful things we have starting with our families and wonderful friends. I am thankful for another day. To wake up each morning and to have the Husband, Krista and family that I have. They are not perfect but they are as good as it gets. My faithful friend Hannah is laying here at my feet. She has had a hard life. As I look into her brown eyes I know she is thankful for the home and love she now has since we rescued her. She proves that everyday by always being where I am and not moving until I do. We can learn so Much about unconditional love from our Dogs. Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good night.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Today I am felling a bit of a pinch. But not feeling to bad after the surgery. I am am looking for craft room ideas on the internet. If anyone can make any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My SCS Family.

Ok lets talk about how life takes unexpected turns. I have always believed that aside from your family that you are born into you make a bigger family as you go through life. My family consist of friends I have had since I was young. Krista calls them her aunts. People have said how are they aunts? They just are. I have a handful of very close friends who are family. They are called the women in my life. Strong, always there for you. Women who will sit in jail with you if they had too LOL.

So I decided to join SCS and Join swaps. As I join I talk to a few people. Then I decide to host my first swap. My first friend on there was Melissa Jax She joined my swap, bumped it and helped me get it filled. It was only a weeks later that Bekah came alone. We developed a friendship just before the holidays. Hey Bekah it will be a year we are friends. Before long I have lots of great,talented women in my swaps. The friendships were being formed and the swaps as well as the friendships grew. Make a card grow a forest of friends. This would bring us to Jeanette. She has a forest full of friends. And she has been there for me when ever I have needed to vent. And if you know me I can vent. Of course their is my friend Paola the temptress from Canada. Her and I would talk about everything via pm. Now she is special. Always cheerful and ready to lend a hand, a kind word even if everything in her world isn't going great. But I have come to find this out about a lot of the women on this site.
We all have our daily troubles but as we come together in each others swaps. We talk about them and that somehow makes it easier for all of us to get through the day. It is crazy who would think that one could spend so much time thinking and worrying about someone you have never met? Well we do. And it is not just words that are typed. It is the real thing. Friendships based on getting to know each other and their families. We know each others kids names what they are up to, How they are doing in their daily lives. I have a deeper connection to some of the women on her then some of the people I run into from time to time that call themselves friends. I laugh with them cry with them and worry for them.

There are so many people on there that I call friend. Michelle,Joan, Sheena, Debbie, LJ, Terri, Nikki,Audrey,Vickie,Sam I am, And the list goes on and on. If I didn't put your name down that doesn't mean I don't love you. It just means I can't think right now the meds you know.
But as the 1st lump appeared 5 months ago all of them have rallied around my family. They have waited for news from every appt. And when the news came and it was not great. They were all as sadden and scared as we were. They did not waste anytime starting pray circles, Getting a plan in place to get information out to each other and figuring out a way to communicate with my family during this time.

So I went into surgery knowing I was so lucky to have so many strong women on my side. Knowing when I got out they would all be here waiting for me. But most important knowing that whatever the outcome I had people who cared and would be here to support us.

The news was good and I am cancer free. As I look at SCS and read the post from everyone I smile as I can feel their joy and know that they can all rest easy now.

So I will say you find friendships in the stranges places but wherever you find it cherish it and nurture it because it will substain you at all times in your life.
Cheers to all the women on SCS You are the best.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Well were do I start? I went to the Dr. last week and found out I had 2 more lumps and needed surgery. Well the whirlwind started. Tuesday I had surgery. The family got here on Monday and everyone was trying to keep a smile on their faces. My dad looked like this was wearing on him. My husband looked like he could cry at any moment. I was calm. Been here before and know the drill. I have some breast humor but my family did not find it funny. Oh well. Tuesday came and it was a long day. Woke up and it was over. Home again with family they are all tripping over each other to see if I need something.
Wake up and it is a new day my mom in the kitchen for 6 hours cooking 3 or 4 different meals. This is how she copes. Thank god she is a good cook. LOL My daughter has retreated into a book. Her way of coping. My husband is overwhelmed by everyone trying to do everything. He wants to do for me. I just want everyone to be fine.
Families are complicated. I have been married over a year now. My mom, dad and daughter have all been here before and they know what each of them has to do and my husband is trying to find his place. Not easy in a family that is as close and crazy as mine. But crazy in a good way. All are outspoken, all are there when you need them and none are going to step aside. They have learned to work as a unit when trouble comes and this is fustrating to a newcomer. My husband is sweet, caring and can do it all for me. But they are here to help not only me but him. He hasn't known them long enough to understand this. Everyone is really well meaning. I see the tension raising as the days go by and pray that no one says anything. Oh to be loved like this. It is a great thing but not always easy.
Visitors are also coming and going. I love my friends and family and my husband. Happy they are all here.
Well My daugther leaves on Thursday after being her for 4 days and doesn't want to go. But I tell her to go home I am fine and will be fine. My parents decide they are not leaving they are going to wait til Friday when I go to the Doctors.

Well today is the big day I will find out what is going on with me. My husband and My mother get into it about going to the Dr. with me and finding out the results. My husband declares that he is my husband and he needs to be allowed to be and take care of me. My mother declares that no one is stopping him and that she is my mother. Ok I tell them both to stop before this escalates. They do. Off to the Dr. we all go.
The news is good. I am cancer free and just need to heal now.
Go out and tell my parents. My dads jumps up and is so happy. We come back to the house and My husband and my mother hugs. A good ending to a good day. Then they go home. Now I am just resting and friends are still visiting and I am resting.