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Friday, November 20, 2009

Well were do I start? I went to the Dr. last week and found out I had 2 more lumps and needed surgery. Well the whirlwind started. Tuesday I had surgery. The family got here on Monday and everyone was trying to keep a smile on their faces. My dad looked like this was wearing on him. My husband looked like he could cry at any moment. I was calm. Been here before and know the drill. I have some breast humor but my family did not find it funny. Oh well. Tuesday came and it was a long day. Woke up and it was over. Home again with family they are all tripping over each other to see if I need something.
Wake up and it is a new day my mom in the kitchen for 6 hours cooking 3 or 4 different meals. This is how she copes. Thank god she is a good cook. LOL My daughter has retreated into a book. Her way of coping. My husband is overwhelmed by everyone trying to do everything. He wants to do for me. I just want everyone to be fine.
Families are complicated. I have been married over a year now. My mom, dad and daughter have all been here before and they know what each of them has to do and my husband is trying to find his place. Not easy in a family that is as close and crazy as mine. But crazy in a good way. All are outspoken, all are there when you need them and none are going to step aside. They have learned to work as a unit when trouble comes and this is fustrating to a newcomer. My husband is sweet, caring and can do it all for me. But they are here to help not only me but him. He hasn't known them long enough to understand this. Everyone is really well meaning. I see the tension raising as the days go by and pray that no one says anything. Oh to be loved like this. It is a great thing but not always easy.
Visitors are also coming and going. I love my friends and family and my husband. Happy they are all here.
Well My daugther leaves on Thursday after being her for 4 days and doesn't want to go. But I tell her to go home I am fine and will be fine. My parents decide they are not leaving they are going to wait til Friday when I go to the Doctors.

Well today is the big day I will find out what is going on with me. My husband and My mother get into it about going to the Dr. with me and finding out the results. My husband declares that he is my husband and he needs to be allowed to be and take care of me. My mother declares that no one is stopping him and that she is my mother. Ok I tell them both to stop before this escalates. They do. Off to the Dr. we all go.
The news is good. I am cancer free and just need to heal now.
Go out and tell my parents. My dads jumps up and is so happy. We come back to the house and My husband and my mother hugs. A good ending to a good day. Then they go home. Now I am just resting and friends are still visiting and I am resting.


  1. Viv, I am so glad the doctor gave you GOOD news today! Rest and take good care of yourself! Lots of hugs!!!

  2. All I can say,while I'm drying my eyes is :I LUV ya Viv!!!
    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad that all is ending WELL!!! Time to celebrate LIFE now my dear....

    PS I am also soo excited that I was able to leave a post!!! yeahh...:o)

  3. oh my...I MUST tell U this so U can all laugh with me...
    Do U know what my word verification was (to post my previous first mesg?)
    It was "FUCKEN"!!!!!!
    ahaha TRULY!!!!!!!!!!! can U belive that?? I though U may like to LOL with me Viv & friends.....LOL

  4. LOL Leave it to you Paola to make us laugh